The Heart of a Revolutionary:


Jermaine Thomas

- Director of Public Relations -

       What makes me a Revolutionary?  I am a ​person of the people, or in other words, a people-person.  Because of this, my ability to communicate effectively is a key element, which led to my becoming the Director of Public Relations for the J. Garrett Green Center To Resolve, LLC

    I am a native of New Orleans, Louisiana; which is where I currently reside.  My path crossed with J. Green in the year of 2005, as we were undergraduate students at the University of South Alabama, in Mobile.  During this time, J. Green and I developed a great friendship, and brotherly bond, allowing me to gain insight into J. Green's thought process.  I share J. Green's vision for positive change in our communities, which is why bringing my talents to this organization was an easy decision for me.

      My career experiences and various roles in life have allowed me to engage the public in various ways, while effecting excellent skills in customer service and public relations.  At the J. Garrett Green Center To Resolve, LLC, I am able to bring my set of skills, and my ability to relate to others, into a great work environment.  This allows us to effect the most change within the community.  Also, I am a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., which I have previously held various leadership roles, on a local chapter level.

- Jermaine Thomas