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The Heart of a Revolutionary:



Masai Kofa-Wilson

- Director of Community Organization -

       What makes me a Revolutionary?  I understand the importance of being unique.  I understand the value of a person being able to be who they are as a person.

     Originally, I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I made my way to Pensacola because of my undergraduate studies, where I attended the University of West Florida, and am currently in pursuit of my Bachelor's degree.  My role with the J. Garrett Green Center To Resolve, LLC allows me to help organize events and people, within the communities we serve.

      My career experiences and various roles has helped me become a people-person.  This ability to connect with others allows me to thrive in my set of abilities.  Because of my dedication and genuine concern for others, people work with me to effect change.  This work entails the ability to bring people together for one common goal.  In this organization, our goal is equality for all, without any limitation.  Equality is equal for all.


- Masai Kofa-Wilson


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