The Heart of a Revolutionary:


Maurice McQueen

- Director of Human Resources -

       What makes me a Revolutionary?  I see the value in investing in people, as human capital.​  I understand happy people produce better results in their work product.

     Originally, I am from South Carolina.  I made my way to Pensacola because of my career in Human Resources in the United States Navy.  My career experiences allows me to assign roles and understand how talent can be best utilized.  My eye, for this type of detail, helps the J. Garrett Green Center To Resolve, LLC be able to best serve our communities.  


     At the J. Garrett Green Center To Resolve, LLC, I am able to bring my unique vision into a team environment.  I am a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.  Helping others and inspiring service is a huge interest of mine, and I am glad I can use my abilities to make the most positive impact within my power.


- Maurice McQueen