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   J. Garrett Green & Associates, LLC is an audio and visual, multi-media production company, who focuses work on capturing real-world events through visual and print media, to promote education and awareness for social justice advocacy. We are dedicated to the promotion of human rights, civil rights, & equality for all people.


   Based out of Pensacola, Florida, our goal is to create more socially responsible citizens.  A way to create more responsible citizens is to be able to positively, engage people to develop trust through education, which we focus on producing materials to educate the masses.  

J. Garrett Green & Associates, LLC also assist grassroots, social justice organizations in consultation to develop strategies to be most effective through civic engagement and peaceful demonstrations to increase propaganda to create truthful messaging.  These strategies incorporate the use of media platforms to engage various communities.  J. Garrett Green & Associates, LLC has previously been a Florida state-affiliate of Black Voters Matter Fund. We utilize our partners and affiliates to extend, to you, our resources.

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