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J. Garrett Green, J.D.
Senior Project Manager & Lead Humanity Mediator

     "My dreams create my thoughts.  My thoughts build my action. My actions produce results.  My results cause me to dream bigger." - J. Green

Jonathan Garrett Green, J.D. (he/him), serves as part-time faculty for the Columbia Southern University. Currently, he serves as Project Manager for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Alabama State Office; and as Senior Project Manager & Lead Humanity Mediator at the
J. Garrett Green & Associates, LLC.


His experience includes the role as Lead Community Mediator for the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Division on Civil Rights. Here, he designed a national pilot-model, statewide initiative titled the “Community Peacemaker Collaborative,” which affects over 9.2 million NJ residents. Jonathan has practiced mediation since 2015, and utilizes skills in crisis response management, design, & infrastructure. The diversity of his experiences include social justice, mediation, social services, education, and project management.

Jonathan earned his Juris Doctorate (Southern University Law Center ‘16). Also, he obtained a Master of Science in Criminal Justice (Troy University ‘12) and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (University of South Alabama ‘09). Jonathan has been a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., since 2005.

Jonathan has various certifications in professional & community mediation, project management, digital marketing & e-commerce, and is trained as a U.S. DoJ Community Relations Service - Dialogues on Race Facilitator. Jonathan's career has engaged in crisis response management, de- escalation, and conflict resolution since 2010. He has served as guest speaker for the Ohio State University's Moritz School of Law, for his national expertise in humanity mediation to resolve disputes in polarized communities, regarding human and civil rights.

Community Peace-Building
& Crisis Response Design & Infrastructure

Community - Humanity - Peer
Mediation Design

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