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Cameron pETERS
- Project Manager -

CAMP Enterprises, LLC

       "I see the value in people, even more so, the youth.  Molding the minds of children is and will be the pathway for the future." - Cam Peters

     Originally, Cameron Peters is from Jacksonville, Florida.  He made my way to Pensacola because of his undergraduate studies, where he attended the University of West Florida, and graduated in May of 2019.  His degree allows him to be a facilitator of the educational process, within the local school district, which he teaches physical education at a local middle school.  Also, he serves as head coach of the varsity and junior varsity boys basketball and girls volleyball teams.

      His career experiences and various roles in playing and coaching organized basketball has helped him tremendously.  At the CAMP Enterprises LLC, he is able to bring his unique vision into a team-oriented environment by allowing youth and young adults to develop into Creating A Meaningful Purpose (CAMP).  Lastly, he is a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., which he seeks to achieve in his various endeavors.

Community Peace-Building
& Crisis Response Design & Infrastructure

Community - Humanity - Peer
Mediation Design

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Crisis Intervention Training

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