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The Heart of a Revolutionary:



Angela M. Broadnax, MSW

- Director of Social Services - 

       What makes me a Revolutionary?  I create change on a large scale, to effect change on an individual level.  I understand that a healing process is needed after a person has an experience that causes their health to be in jeopardy, with health relating to physical and mental.

      I was raised in Pensacola, Florida, and was raised in the close family unit with J. Green, seeing as we are first cousins.  He and I are of a kindred spirit, much attributed to the households we were raised in.  As a social justice advocate, and freedom fighter, I empower victim-survivors to be advocates for themselves, as well as allowing support from others to be able to stand with the victim-survivors.  

     Many people have experienced life trauma(s).  The J. Garrett Green Center To Resolve, LLC allows me to utilize my skills and abilities to help create a caring and nurturing community, from different locations, while providing access to community resources.  Access to resources is obtained, simply, through the educational process; creating more informed citizens.


- Angela M. Broadnax, MSW  

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