R. Hillsman

Romello Hillsman
Director of Research

     What makes me a Revolutionary?  I ask the questions that require more in-depth analysis.  This drives my desire to complete adequate research because I want to find solutions to problems.

     I was raised a military brat, and called many places home, prior to settling in Crestview, Florida. I made my way to Pensacola because of my undergraduate studies, which I attend the University of West Florida, and will earn a degree in the education field.  My passion to complete competent research allows me to be an integral part of the J. Garrett Green & Associates, LLC because I help a group of community leaders find solutions.  Also, in our attempts in resolving disputes, we root our work based on legal means, at the direction of J. Green.

      Serving in the role of Director of Research allows me to bring my introverted talents into a family-like atmosphere, where we can still achieve together.  Additionally, I am a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., where I have previously served as the undergraduate chapter polemarch (president).  A large motivation in being successful in my career is being able to have positive impact and influence on future generations of children and young adults.  This role allows me to bring this dream to fruition because of the impact we are able to make within various communities, everywhere we are welcomed to work.


- Romello Hillsman

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