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Rejecting Labels: A Lived Experience [CIT] 1-Hour

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In this Supplemental - Crisis Intervention Training course, Jonathan Green shares his various experiences in living with mental illness, facing law enforcement, and navigating daily life. Through this journey, J. Green hopes to encourage thought into how being trauma-informed can build lasting rapport among the community. This storytelling experience is hoped to lend insight into approaches to crisis intervention training, for best practices when dealing with members of the community. Jonathan's first mental health episode occurred a the age of 19 in 2006. He would go on through life, displaying tremendous resilience to achieve his Juris Doctorate, Master of Science, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Criminal Justice. Jonathan has embarked on a career as a conflict resolutionist, in that his profession is as a mediator. Jonathan has a unique and eclectic view in his perspectives often contributing through service as a third party, neutral.

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