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Streetwise 101: Know Your Rights with Police

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Visit to stream now! The law states that a person's lack of knowledge, of an act being criminal, is not an excuse for the commission of a crime. To create more law abiding citizens, we must educate people to be more informed about the law. This will allow people to have more positive interactions with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. J. Garrett Green & Associates, LLC provides Legal​ Education Services*, as an informational resource. The basis for this program is to educate citizens about the law, & how it applies to their life. ​ Streetwise 101: #KnowYourRights, is an informational and educational presentation, which details one's rights when having an encounter with Law Enforcement Officers. A portion of the presentation consists of a video presentation, and a real-world example of Streetwise 101 methods in practice, with the police during a stop. ​ (*All information contained in the Streetwise 101: #KnowYourRights (Streetwise 101) when engaged with law enforcement, is intended to be educational only, and is not to be considered legal advice. For legal counsel, consult a licensed attorney in your state. Additionally, Streetwise 101 is the sole intellectual property of the J. Garrett Green & Associates, LLC (the company). Reproduction and distribution of Streetwise 101 is strictly prohibited, unless expressly authorized by the company. *For informational and educational purposes only.

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